Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Las Vegas and The Strip

Here is our Hotel - The Luxor. It is actually shaped like a pyramid and the elevators run on an uneasy slide as it goes up the side of the angled structure. A little unsettling at first but then it becomes kinda' fun. Or at least worthy of idle small talk chitchat during the elevator ride...."Gee, I just can't get used to the way this elevator movies...tee hee".

Once we rested from our afternoon nap, we went for a walk. A VERY very long walk.....Did I mention it was a VERY long walk?

I'm still not sure why Las Vegas is so popular...but it sure is an opulent, outrageously decadent adult Disneyland. Where else can you lodge in the pharaoh's pyramid, slay knights at Excalibar,

.....catch a thrill-seeking ride on a roller coaster in New York, New York.....

.....consider climbing the Eiffel Tower and walking the Champs Elysees....

.....get swallowed up by human eating plants inside the Bellagio Garden..... the light and water fountain show outside the the Bellagio ....

And all this in one short evening!

But our feet were burning hot with fatigue. I wanted to stick my feet in ice when we got back to our room that evening.

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