Wednesday, October 14, 2009

20th Century Marvel Meets Historic Route 66

The great Hoover is always so damn impressive. I forget what me and Kurt were saying when this Aussie took our picture for us....We look like we might be trying to catch flies or something.

You can see the construction of the new bridge which will divert traffic from the Hoover Dam. Fascinating to watch.

It is quite impressive!

Hours of endless desert driving led us to the town of Kingman where we found this great little hole in the wall Thai Restaurant (yeh, who'd a thunk we eat Thai in the middle of the desert?). Great grub though!

The tourist information office highly recommended taking Route 66 to Williams, the last major town before heading north to the South Rim, Grand Canyon. We were glad for the diversion since it is a boring drive.

Thanks for doing all the driving Kurtie. Does anyone believe that I relinquished control for an entire 11 days and let Kurt do all the driving? It's true. It happened. There were many shoulder checks and a bit of yelling but I think it was a positive experience overall....:)

Route 66 is full of kitschy old stuff. It beat the hell out of that boring State highway though.

There is me sticking my head out of a kybo again. (This shot is for you, mate!).

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